WOD Classes

WOD Classes are traditional CrossFit Classes and are designed for strength and energy system training, foundational movements and a life/fitness balance. Classes focus on expanding base level strength and targeting weaknesses, including performing moderate to high level gymnastics, Olympic lifts, and constantly varying speed and loads in all lifts. Classes will help athletes improve general athletic ability and sport performance.

FIT Classes

FIT Classes specifically target Metabolic Conditioning. The focus of FIT classes are to maintain a High Intensity and elevated heart rate for the duration of the class. This is a perfect class for individuals looking to build a base level of shape before taking on WOD classes or to add an extra boost to conditioning.

Open Gym

Open Gym times are an opportunity for all members to use the facility to work on their specific needs. All open gym hours are staffed by a CF-L1 Coach. Open gym hours are open to both FIT Class and WOD class Members.

Peak Yoga, Peak Spin & Peak Online

We also offer online coaching and specialty programming for endurance (marathons, triathlons, obstacle course races), Olympic lifting, general strength and conditioning.

Spin and yoga classes are also available at select facilities (see schedules for more info).


Pricing is standard at all Peak Performance Facilities

WOD Classes*
$85 monthly, for unlimited classes
$75 Students 

Members have access to all WOD Classes, FIT Classes and open Gym times

FIT Classes
$75 monthly 

Members have access to all FIT Classes and Open Gym times.

personal training

Small Groups up to 4:
Add $20 per person to the price of the package. Each person must purchase the assessment

*Discounts and Corporate rates available by request

Peak Corporate

We can bring CrossFit to your office, or you can come to ours. We offer corporate discounts for employees of any business with 10 or more members.

Contact us if you're interested in bringing CrossFit on-site, or have questions about how we can help your employees get out of their chairs.