What is peak Kids training?

It develops cardio-respiratory endurance, power, strength, stamina, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and coordination, and adds in elements which encourage bone density development and cross-body movements.

Children and Teens have a greater opportunity—relative to adults—to maximize their physical skills during years of peak development. For Peak Kids, it is imperative to pair fitness and fun to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children. Without developing foundational movements in their youth, our children are at an extreme risk of injury and disease.

Our Kids fitness program offers classes for kids ages 6-12, Teens over 12 years old may matriculate into adult CrossFit classes. 

One of the coolest things as a CrossFit coach is when a whole family ends up working out together. We have numerous families who are members of Peak Performance, so when you bring your children to check out a Peak Kids class, you should check one out yourself. A love of fitness can provide important cross-generational links and can change the health outlook of your entire family tree.

The Army’s problem is that today’s enlistees grew up on the couch, playing video games, rather than horsing around outside. And public schools have cut gym classes.

You’d be surprised, the soldiers that we get today. They can’t do simple motor function movements, like a shoulder roll, they can’t even skip — so we’ve got to lay a base of foundational fitness, without injuring them.
— Frank Palkoska, director of the Army's fitness school

Program Benefits

  • Neurological Conditioning
  • Cognition
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills 
  • Sportsmanship
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork 
  • Attention
  • Self Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Independence 


Our goal with kids isn’t to get them on the zone diet, but to get them to think and make good choices about what they eat. We promote a balanced diet of 30% protein, 40% healthy carbohydrates, and 30% healthy fat. In our classes, we instill a basic understanding of nutrition—Nuts and seeds are healthy fats. Meat is protein, and protein is good for you. Red, yellow, green foods found in the fruit and vegetable aisles are healthy carbs and are good for you. But pasta, bread, potatoes, and white rice are unhealthy carbs and are not good for you—so stay away from them. 

We encourage you to fill your (and your child's) plate as follows at each meal:

  1. Make a fist. Eat that much meat every meal;
  2. Turn your hand over and fill it with nuts and seeds. Eat that much good fat.
  3. Fill the rest of your plate with stuff you found in the fruit and vegetable aisle.

Eat like this at every meal—but don’t overindulge and eat more than a plateful.




$40 per month for first child
$20 for each additional child

Per Class:

$75 for 10 Classes
$10 per class drop in 



  • We expect the same punctuality we expect from all CrossFit participants
  • Athletes need to wear proper shoes—no flip flops
  • Clothing must be suitable for workouts, but modest while doing a wide range of movements. Classes are coed and we want to promote modesty with our children.
  • We encourage our parents to watch—however, please do not interfere with classes. We want to facilitate independence in health and fitness with all kids.
  • Peak Kids is not a daycare. If your child cannot participate according to the rules, they will be pulled from class and you will be responsible for your child at that time.

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