Weekly Schedule


Class     5:30     6:30     8:15     12:00     16:30     17:30     18:30

Spin      19:00




Open Gym     5:30     6:30     8:15     12:00     16:30     17:30     18:30


Core    17:00



Class     5:30     6:30     8:15     12:00     16:30     17:30



Spin     8:00        Open Gym     9:00–11:00          Team WOD     9:00


Our Coaches

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Shannon Phillips

CrossFit Maumelle Lead Coach

Shannon developed a love for fitness through playing softball and dancing throughout middle and high school. She studied art and dance at the  University of Arkansas at Little Rock and pursued an Art Education as a career. She's a teacher at heart and taught for 11 years.
Shannon participated in and instructed boot camps for a number of years before finding CrossFit. She is a Level 1 certified CrossFit trainer and holds certifications through CrossFit in Mobility and Gymnastics. She has also studied Olympic weightlifting and Nutrition. 
Shannon loves CrossFit, teaching, and being a part of an amazing community of athletes. 


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Tony Phillips

CrossFit Maumelle Business Manager

Tony played football, baseball, basketball and ran track in High School, then went on to play college baseball on a University of Central Arkansas scholarship. In his 25-year career of mentoring and training managers throughout the United States, he has stayed active by playing competitive softball and flag football. 
Tony is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and has also received CrossFit certification in gymnastics and has studied Olympic Weightlifting.
Three years of CrossFit has taught him that he only thought he was healthy before the community at CrossFit pushed him to become so much more. He loves seeing people grow each day inside and outside the box.


Jordan Bone

Jordan has been doing Crossfit for about four years and his athletic background is what led him to Crossfit. He played basketball in high school and walked on to the basketball team at Ouachita Baptist University. He still competes in basketball leagues in Little Rock and really uses Crossfit to help him stay active in all the sports he engages in on a weekly basis. 

"Crossfit has really taught me all about embracing the process," Jordan says. "Not just in Crossfit specifically, but also in life, it's important to be a part of the process of being a better athlete and a better person. You can't skip any steps to improve yourself and now as a coach I'm able to help people bring out the best in themselves. Coaching is just a way to encourage people to push past their barriers to become who they can really be."


Sara Talley

Sara is currently studying Exercise Science/Kinesiology at the University of Central Arkansas with an emphasis in Occupational Therapy. She currently holds a CrossFit level 1 certification as well as a CPR certification. She has been in gymnastics for many years, and has a large background in Cheerleading. Sara did competitive cheer for 10 years and College Cheerleading for 3 years. She has won multiple championships on many different levels; high school, world, and national. Along with Cheerleading and gymnastic, Sara played soccer for 4 years. She is no stranger to working out or weight lifting which is how she found CrossFit. Since finding CrossFit she fell in love! Aside from spending time in the gym and studying, Sara enjoys her time with with her precious daughter, Adelayde. 


Jason Bone

Jason was active in many sports including basketball, football, and track growing up in the small town of McCrory, AR.  He found his passion in basketball and turned that into a full basketball scholarship at the University of Central Arkansas. There he learned the value of hard work and what it really meant to be a part of a team.  After his playing days were over, he was an assistant coach for a year, and learned what it was like to help others achieve their goals. He continues to play in leagues around Little Rock, and strives everyday to show that life only begins at 40!

Jason received his Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas and is currently a Pharmaceutical Representative. Jason is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer.

Jason has been doing Crossfit for 5 years and enjoys the day to day challenges and competition within the box. The community of athletes and coaches at Maumelle are what makes this box so special to him.


Kristin Garcia

Kristin has a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Studies from Ohio University.  She has spent 9 years working in Collegiate Recreation at 4 different colleges and universities.  While managing the Club Sports Program at Valdosta State University, she began competing in Triathlons with their Triathlon team.  Since then she has competed in multiple triathlons, and is currently working towards completing a half marathon in all 50 States.  She found CrossFit in 2012 and has been addicted ever since!  Kristin is a Certified Spinning Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics and loves using their principles to help endurance athletes reach their goals.



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