Weekly Schedule


Class     5:15     6:00     8:30     11:30     16:30     17:30     18:30

Sports Performance Class       Ages 15—College 19:00  ($5 per class)

Open Gym     15:30–16:30          



Class     5:15     6:00     8:30     11:30     16:30     17:30     18:30


Big Kids     16:00          Lil Kids    17:00          Family Martial Arts    18:30

Open Gym     15:30–16:30          Adult Martial Arts    19:30

Sports Performance Class       Ages 15—College 19:00  ($5 per class)



Class     5:15     6:00     8:30     11:30     16:30     17:30


Open Gym     15:30–16:30          Endurance    18:30

Sports Performance Class       Ages 15—College 19:00  ($5 per class)



Open Gym     6:00     16:00–18:00          Family Martial Arts    18:30


WOD Class     5:15          Big Kids     16:00          Lil Kids    17:00          Oly     17:00

Elements Class     17:30          Adult Martial Arts    19:30



Class     5:15     6:00     8:30     11:30     15:45     16:30     17:30



Open Gym     9:00–11:00          Team WOD     9:30



Worship WOD     15:00


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Our Coaches


Jason Antal

CrossFit Conway Lead Coach

Jason Antal grew up participating in athletics, from baseball to tennis, and first sampled the CrossFit “kool-aid” in 2008. He has since become completely fanatical about it and has been dedicated to developing himself not only as a CrossFit athlete, but as a CrossFit trainer as well. He thoroughly enjoys coaching CrossFit, as well as the Olympic lifts and he is focused on continuously improving his craft. He firmly believes that CrossFit truly is for everyone! Jason is a CF-L2 trainer and a USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach. He has attended CF Weightlifting, CF Advanced Weightlifting, and Chad Vaughn’s Weightlifting Seminars.

Erica Bio Pic.JPG

Erica Russell

Erica currently holds a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s Certificate, and has 12 years of gymnastics experience. Soon after the birth of her first child she decided to give CrossFit Conway a try—and got hooked when she fell in love with the challenges that CrossFit workouts create.

She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and is a kindergarten teacher. She is married to Chad and they have one daughter, Henleigh.


Karly Davis

CrossFit Conway Kids Coordinator

Karly currently holds her Level 1 and Crossfit Kids certificates. Her athletic background includes high school level sports, half-marathons and triathlons. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from UCA and is currently taking courses seeking a second degree in the Health Science field. She loves to spend her time with her husband and their two sons.


CONWAY, AR 72032